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ClipBox is a universal clipboard to copy and transfer clips between devices.

It is an app you can use every day. Stop creating files or sending yourself email just to transfer clips of content between devices. Instead, simply paste content or drop files into ClipBox to make them instantly available for yourself or collaborators.

Keep your content on the edges, not with the likes of google and dropbox.

ClipBox is a smart clipboard that recognizes the content of the clips.

As a proof of concept, if you paste a Bolt11 Lightning invoice its fields will be decoded and displayed as a table.

News June 30th 2019: Chrome finally supports copy and paste of images with other browsers following suit. Copying and pasting of images has been Chromium's most requested feature for the past decade.

We are excited to announce that ClipBox now implements this W3C backed functionality: Copy and Paste images directly in ClipBox in compatible browsers.

Note: You still may have to enable this feature in the preferences of Chrome until version 76 enables it by default.

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